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.....how it is raised, processed, and distributed, is important for all of us.  The levels of non-renewable energy consumed in the production and distribution of industrial food is staggering.  Also, the nutritional value of industrial food continues to decline.  Animal health and welfare are of little concern and, in the last few decades the general health of many people has been adversely impacted by the fast food industry and its direct link to factory farming practices.  

We at Manda Farm are committed to raising animals and plants in the healthiest and most humane ways possible.  We do not use artificial hormones, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, or chemical fertilizers.  Our animals are in intensively rotated pasture for most of the year and have outside access at all times.  We never use antibiotics except if required for the health of an individual animal.  We are also committed to the preservation of rare and heritage breed plants and animals, to both ensure genetic diversity as well as share the pleasures of how food tasted before industrial farming practices. 

We look forward to using our farm as a learning place for healthy and sustainable living and to sharing the experience of fresh, naturally raised food.

Michael AND Anna

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