Manda Farm      Price List
Michael Kalagher AND Anna Hanchett
25 Pleasant Street  Plainfield, MA  01070

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You can print this form.  We do not do on-line ordering but we can ship US Mail and take payments through PayPal.  Use the email link above to tell us the items/quantities you would like. If you put your name/phone number in the email we will call and let you know the total cost.  All prices are per pound so we have to weigh it up for you.  Or you can simply give us a call 413.634.5333 and tell us what you would like.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Please Read: Terms and Conditions of Shipping

Quantity Category / Product Per lb.

Pork Products from our Heritage Breeds

( Organically raised on pasture )

  Boneless Rolled Roast $10.99/lb
  Loin in Rib Roast $10.99/lb
  Chops: two per package $10.99/lb
  Fresh Ham - 5 to 10 lbs $9.99/lb
  Ham Steak $9.99/lb
  Sweet Italian sausage  (links) $10.99/lb
  Hot Italian sausage   (links) $10.99/lb
  Kielbasa $11.99/lb
  Bratwurst $11.99/lb
  Breakfast sausage   (tubes) $9.99/lb
  Breakfast sausage   (links) $10.99/lb
  Ground Pork  (tubes) $9.99/lb
  Rendered Lard $6.99/lb
  Fatback  $2.99/lb
  Pigs Feet: (2 per package) $3.99/lb
  Neck bones for soup stock $3.99/lb

Smoked Pork Products

( Naturally smoked, nitrate free )

  Bacon  (smoked) $10.99/lb
  Ham Hocks  (smoked) $8.99/lb

Beef Products from our Heritage Breed Dexter Cattle

( 100% Grass Fed)

  Chuck Roast $9.99/lb
  Stew Beef $8.99/lb